EverestMG (4,000,000+ streams) hired me to lead the product design for their rebranded online beat marketplace BeatCamp. We empower aspiring artists through the overwhelming online beat marketplaces. BeatCamp handles all the legal distribution licenses for the user - allowing artists to purchase straight from the hundreds of producers we've partnered with. Our long-term vision is to become a platform which connects musicians with producers & recording studios.

The co-founders approached me to re-design and rebrand their product to  reduce their high churn rate and improve customer retention. I spent a week interviewing various stakeholders, and understanding the end-user before I came to the following problems:

• User bounce rate was highest during the checkout flow, users did not feel safe entering their credit card information
• New users felt overwhelmed at the huge selection of various beats and the different legal licenses
• Users did not like getting their downloads through their e-mails
Figure 1. Customer Churn Rate for EverestMG
Role as lead Designer
• Competitor Research
• Personas, User Research, User Testing & Interviews
• Wireframes. high-fi mockups, low-fi to high-fi interactive prototypes
• Sitemaps, interaction specs
• Tools Used: Sketch, Webflow, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pen & Paper, Usertesting.com, Axure RP, Trello, Quip
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: (1) back end developer, (1) front end developer & business, (1) 1 marketing & business
• Designing a beat streaming e-commerce site that looked similar to traditional music streaming applications, but served different purposes and different end users
• Designing for a end-user I was unfamiliar with - with limited access to the target demographic for research and testing purposes
• Working on a super tight schedule, which involved making a lot of compromises on which features to keep & cut in the minimum viable product (MVP)
• Coordinating the business and product side (using Trello), and facilitating the Agile framework
• Creating modular reusable elements for a complicated product due to the tech stack (Angular), and tight time constraints
Figure 2.0 EverestMG Pre-Design
• There we some problems with how users found new beats, the pre-design had genres, categories, and other filters hidden under a hamburger menu
• No concrete search feature meant users had to scroll down a long list within a small iframe
• Previous purchases weren't saved, users had to find their past purchases in their e-mail inbox
(1) SoundClick, (2) BeatStars, (3) TrakTrain, (4) FlashStore
• Most competitors have outdated user experiences (i.e. non-responsive websites), and complicated checkout & download user flows, i.e. SoundClick looks like it hasn't been updated in the past decade
• Most potential end-users we interviewed thought entering their credit card information on the checkout pages was unsafe resulting in high cart abandonment rates
• None of the competitors cater their user experience for new artists & musicians, prior knowledge of different genres are required to navigate and find their desired beats
• Most competitors show all their beats in one long list with poor search and filtering functions, not a lot of them have subcategories new artists would be familiar with
Figure 3.0 BeatCamp Competitors: SoundClick, BeatStars, TrakTrain, FlashStore
The three main users we identified were: Newbie Artist, Experienced Artist, and Producer. We created about ten different personas for the three kinds of users, which led to important insights, helped settle debates, and reminded us who we were designing for.

3rd Year Student in Political Science in love with hip-hop & rap. Listens to a lot of indie rappers on Youtube and SoundCloud and is interested in becoming a rapper. Cameron has no experience in producing and wants to find a few popular beats online without having to deal with complicated legal distribution licenses. He feels overwhelmed when faced with the numerous beat sub-categories when browsing or doing research online.

• Age: 20
• Occupation: Student
• Location: Toronto, Canada
• Tier: Free User
• Character Model: Tech Nervous, Newbie
Use cases (goals)
• As a newbie artist I want to discover the hottest trending beats online without needing to do extensive research or have an in-depth understanding of the scene
• As a newbie artist I want to be able to purchase a cheaper distribution license when just starting out
• As a newbie artist I want to be able to go through a simple checkout process that enables me to purchase multiple different beats from various producers under various licensing agreements
• As a newbie artist I want to be able to discover new producers and find the top producers in the musical categories I am familiar with

• There are too many complicated beat purchasing websites online, most of them involve reading through complicated legal information
• A lot of the beat commerce sites look outdated and untrustworthy
Figure 4.0 BeatCamp Sitemap DRAFT ***Blue = User Must Be Signed In
Figure 5.0 Wireframes of Home Page with Various States
User Testing Results
• We conducted two rounds of user testing with 6 participants each
• Participants rated the checkout process 4.4 out of 5 and the beat discovery process 4.2 out of 5
• Task completion rate for "Discover About Us", "Purchase X Licensing", "Complete Purchase", and "Download Purchased Beats" improved
• During stakeholder and user interviews were determined the "Discover Beats", "User Accounts", and "Discover Genre" to be critical in our goal to improve our KPIs (churn rate, cart abandonment rate, conversions, etc.)
• All users tested completed the "Discover Trending Beats", "Create New Account & Sign In", and "Discover Genre" tasks without problems
Figure 6.0 Feature Ease of Use Comparison between EverestMG and BeatCamp
Figure 7.0 Table of Task Results
Final Design
BeatCamp Home Page
Artist "TYPE BEAT" Page
Genre Page
Profile Profile - Upload Beats, View Stats, Manage Publications
Lease Pricing Modal Window
• At the moment BeatCamp is in a closed beta with 25 users, so far the reviews have positive
• Most users commented that it looked similar to other music streaming applications, but most figured out the differences after a few minutes 
• Over 90 percent of our beta users agreed that BeatCamp was a much simpler experience compared to our competitors
• Over the next few months we plan to polish our design, launch an mobile application, and roll out a bunch of new features that did not make it into the MVP

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